Any Ideas?

Writer’s Block.

I hope all has been well with my Biracial and Cultural Family. Long time no blog. =/ To say the least, I am back. =)

There has been so many controversial issues that have been lingering in my head for a few weeks now. What better way to vent, than to blog?

I began blogging as a therapeutic venture. The online Biracial Community is who inspired me. Such as Heidi Durrow and Fanshen Cox of Mixed Chicks Chat. Also, Tiffany Jones of Mulatto Diaries. It was like heaven opened up when I found the Biracial Community online. For once in life, I felt connected. I have never been able to relate to anyone, until i found this lovely community. It was then when i realized that I am not the only Biracial girl that has been through some adverse mixed chick experiences.

I appreciate everyone for your constant support.

Thank You.

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Race Against Ethnicities … Our Human Race

Theory:  One day there will be no “Race”, except the “Human Race”.

I believe that there will be no race, except the “Human Race” one day. Can you see this happening? Our society is diverse and this is the beauty that we seldom appraise in our cultures.

We as brothers and sisters would feel more connected and united if we felt the connect towards each other. Ethnicity and cultures are what has kept us apart since the beginning of time.

Prejudice and malicious behavior towards individuals of other ethnicities evolved because of our DIFFERENCES.

. . .Skin Complexion, Eye Color, Hair Texture, Accents.

These traits keep us in a box, a small box. What is going to happen when we all are people “of color”? So to speak we ALL are of color. I have yet to meet a “White” person. Complexions vary in all races.

Let’ embrace each other with open arms! We are all family. We are all Humans. We belong to one race, and one race only.

We are the Human Race.