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A kiss of death to my relationships with men
With men whose families have to ask
‘Why can’t you just find a nice ‘white’ girl? . 

I do not apologize.
I am a person,
not a colour,
not a race,
not a shoe-size.

And I won’t let you define me.
I am bi-racial,
I have bi-racial hair and bi-racial blood
I have an I.Q. that would make most MENSA-students cry
I have a heart that bleeds and dies every time you leave
I’ve got enough love to provide for all that are willing to accept me
I’ve got the patience to sit up on the phone at 3 a.m. talking to the men I’m not good enough for, when their families are asleep, and they need a friend
I AM BI-RACIAL, with enough common sense to make amends

And I won’t stand for your defense
I’m not saying that I’ve got a heart of gold
Nor do I have morals of steel.

I know what it’s like to feel like your life can be computed down to something that isn’t real
I’m bi-racial and I’m not here to make a big deal,
but I am bi-racial.

It wasn’t my decision,
But I could never choose,
My skin tone is a part of me,
I’ve got culture like you couldn’t believe,
I can compare Bach, Beethoven and Brahms.
Can fix a computer in no time at all.

I live, I lust, I love.
I’m sorry that you’re missing out, ’cause you don’t think I’m good enough
(January 13,2009)

Deona Skidmore

Link: http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/bi-racial/


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Can you identify another Biracial Individual, faster than others?

I have always felt like I can pick out another Biracial individual out of a massive crowd, and distinguish their racial background. From my experience the majority of people that are primarily of one race and not Biracial, can never correctly identify someone; so to speak.

My personal experience has been: The majority of African-Americans assume that I am too fair skinned to be Black, and Caucasions assume that I am too ethnic looking to be White. The majority of non-Biracial individuals do not know what to label me as, and they seem very unsure of my racial identity.

Yet on the other hand, I can just look at someone of Mixed Race and immediately know what they are mixed with.  I actually believe that it is a gift to us Biracial individuals, or am I just one of a few that can easily depict this?Maybe it is easy for Biracial individuals to spot out others like us because we are so open to diversity.

Please leave a comment with your opinion. I am extremely interested in knowing what you think.

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I am asking for you to please follow the link that i will be including below to nominate films, media, and literature in various categories for this years upcoming Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival. The founders and staff is asking for everyone to get involved. I will be making sure I submit my survey in the morning.  It is truly important that everyone participates, your opinion matters and will be appreciated.




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Joel Osteen

God’s plan for your life is so much bigger than your own. You’ll look back and say, “That was God. I never could have done that on my own.

-Joel Osteen

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Loving Day is celebrated on June 12th each year in celebration of the breakdown of all anti-miscegenation laws, that prevented whites and non-whites to marry.

Loving Day is named in honor of Richard & Mildred Loving of Caroline County, Virginia and of the Supreme Court Case, Loving v. Virginia.

Please spread the word and join the festivities each year. The website link is in the side bar, under ‘Notable Websites’.

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Ladies & Possibly Gents,

We all have made at least one countless hair mistake in our life, or lifetime yet to come. Whether it is from lack of patience to lack of time. We all must learn to work with our hair and not against it!

Hair Damage is caused by lack of moisture and thermal protection, chemicals, flatirons, blow dryers, (heat from any source; including violent sun rays). As soon as you step out of your natural hair state, you become the victim of “Bad Hair”. In my opinion, “Good Hair” is healthy natural hair. Your hair grows much faster and healthier in its natural state. On the other hand, “Nappy Hair” is damaged hair. If you are fighting you hair with chemicals and heat, you should really re-think your hair care regimen.

I will never forget a day when I was in Apple Bee’s and my waiter had long beautiful curly hair like mine, and we complimented each other. She mentioned to me that she has never flat ironed her hair. I was shocked to hear  that. My waiter told me that her parents always instilled in her that she should love her curly hair because there are so many celebrities and people that pay so much to get beautiful curls. Therefore, why destroy your natural curls, when there is someone out there that envy’s you for your natural beauty. I will forever remember that day and conversation.

I love my curly hair! My hair is special to me because not just anyone can wash and go and be happy with how their hair flawlessly falls into place.

Join the Discussion

  • What is Good Hair?
  • What is Nappy Hair?
  • Do you love your hair?

(Check out Teri LaFlesh’s Website & Blog, if you interested in caring for your Naturally Curly hair or debating on going Natural. )

Website: http://www.tightlycurly.com/welcome/

Blog: http://formermushroomhairedchild.blogspot.com/

-also linked in my sidebar, Blogroll and Notable Websites.

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