My Tarot Journey



I’ve always been that one friend that is super curious and often voyages on various spiritual journeys. Partially, it is a result of my overly ambiguous curiosity and on the other hand it’s a result of me wanting to learn more about new things. Recently, I have been seeing more people use tarot cards to seek enlightenment and predictions of their future. When I say “predictions of their future” I am not talking psychic.

I believe in the law of attraction. Think good thoughts and good things will happen. Think bad thoughts and you will attract just that– negativity. I believe that your words hold power; just like your thoughts. I speak things into existence through undoubting faith.

As I began to research more on tarot cards I learned that it is not about picking a card and allowing that card to predict your future. It is far more deeper than that. Using tarot cards allows you to connect with your self and mediate on your intentions. Connect with your cards- let them speak to you. Don’t go through each card and look up the meanings. Look at the card and observe every fine detail– what does it mean to you? How can you relate the chosen card to your current life and situation?

Since I am new to tarot cards I will be drawing one card a day. This will be a added routine in my daily meditation. The card I drew today spoke to me on so many levels it is unbelievable. Again, it is all about your interpretation of the card and how it can relate or be applied to your life. The words were encouraging to me and grounded me in a sense. I feel like my path was on a discourse but now I feel redirected and focused.

Please share your tarot and or spiritual journey with me and others in the comments below. I would love to know what you do to meditate and or rejuvenate throughout the week.

If you would like to purchase Kim Krans, The Wild Unknown Tarot Guidebook and Cards Kit- I will link it below on Amazon. The kit is beautiful, Kim is a excellent artist. The colors on the cards are beautiful and Kim wrote the guidebook in her own unique handwriting. The reviews on Amazon really helped me make my decision on the purchase. I encourage you to look over those as well. Many reviewers posted pictures to give you a better idea. I know you will not be disappointed in the purchase.

The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and Guidebook (Official Keepsake Box Set)

New Moon in Virgo

Sun., Sept. 9, 2018

Welcome– the New Moon in Virgo. IMG_3591

Lately, I have been really intune with astrology and have learned so much on the topic through reading. It all started when Kalyn Nicholson recommended Yasmin Boland’s book, Moonology. Something so simple, yet so complicated as the Moon- let’s be honest… we take it for granted. When was the last time you took a moment out of your evening/night to just stop and acknowledge the moons existence? What does the moon mean to you? There are 8 phases of the moon and today I will be focusing on the New Moon as we welcome it today.



The New Moon gives us the opportunity to set intentions and speak them into existence. I will be guiding you on how to do this.

1. Set your new moon intention

I keep a journal where I write down my new moon intentions. I found this to be very helpful. When setting your intentions be every bit of “intentional”- involve your emotions and feelings. Your intentions should have meanings and should be something that you are passionate about.

  • Be specific
  • Write it down
  • Visualize it
  • Keep your journal near your bed and reflect on your intentions every morning and every night up until the Full Moon.

2. Know the difference between intentions and goals 

  • Your intention must hold the purpose of the following:  attract, build, and grow

New Moon:  Attraction

Full Moon:  Releasing

3. Meditate on your intention

  • Say it aloud
  • How do you feel about it? Heavy or lightened?

4. Speak it & believe it into existence


As we move closer each day to the Full Moon be sure to let me know in the comments how the New Moon helped you in manifesting your intentions. Were you successful and/or what should you have done differently?

I wish you all a happy new moon and hope that all your intentions come to reality for you. Know that this all depends on you- believe it and it shall be.

I encourage you all that are curious about Moonology to read Yasmin Boland’s book, 81GDfiQ9YsL.jpgMoonology. It can be purchased on Amazon. I will link it below along with her website. She has a lot of information and tools available on her site if you are interested in learning more.

Amazon: Moonology by Yasmin Boland

Moonology (Website) – Yasmin Boland

Family Sports Traditions

capsChanging seasons is always a special moment for sports fans whether their sport season is approaching or leaving; win or loose. Our family always looks forward to the fall- with October approaching that means hockey season is just a month away. We are Washington Capital fans – DIE HARD!

My husband and I have been following hockey since we met and it has become a family sports tradition that our children love just the same. It is the most skill required sport in my unpopular opinion. I swear we don’t just watch it for the commentary and occasional intense fights.

We truly have a love for hockey and spending family time watching the games and going to our local pub for big games to celebrate both the victories and defeat. We are proud that our home team brought home the Stanley Cup last season. It was truly a great accomplishment and victory for Washington. I am positive that the upcoming season will be just as successful as last season.

What family sports traditions have you created? Share below in the comments your tradition, favorite sport, and team.


Blog Transition

IMG_3558It has been nearly 6 years since I last posted to this blog. I am feeling so nostalgic right now as I type away. I was literally updated my computer and something urged me to log in and honestly I thought I deleted this blog years ago. It really took me back to read over my blogs from the first to the last. It speaks a lot about each experience I have had over the years both good and bad.

Well, fast forward 6 years and I am still happily married to my childhood sweetheart. We have had two beautiful daughters and have had multiple family pet additions to our house. It is well over due to revive this blog. I have a new vision for this blog as 2018 comes to a close.

I will continue to blog about controversial topics but will not merely focus on that. The purpose of this blog is to share with you my life in black & white beyond color; beyond race. I will be sharing my opinion on current events/issues, along with my travel stories and fitness journey.

I am always open to topic suggestions my email is always open.

Thank you all for continuing this blogging journey with me.

What if?

1016512_623542400992393_757498959_nTaking race into consideration in all accounts, because it is impossible not to take it into consideration. If the variables changed, would the outcome of this controversial case had been different? Would justice had been served? 

Ignorant Encounter Part. 1 of Infinity

Apparently it is questionable for me to look the way that I look and have a “Black” grandfather.

Yesterday, my husband and I went to visit with my grandpa.  As we were pulling up there were two black men, a black woman, and a little black girl in his driveway. The three adults were standing around talking to him, while the little girl was playing with his dogs through the fence. I began backing up into the driveway when one of the men asked if I was lost and needed directions. I am sure my face said it ALL! I told the man that I was in the right place and here to see my grandpa. The man reported to my grandpa that I was there to see him, as if he needed to report that to someone. My husband and I were so confused. Here you have four complete strangers making us feel like visitors at our second home. We parked and finally got out of the car and routinely I go hug and kiss my grandpa and these PEOPLE are still looking shocked. For a second I thought maybe my grandpa knew these people. lol

My grandpa announced how happy he was to have his granddaughter come and visit him. One man spoke up and said “Is he really your grandpa?” … “Ummmm, yeah!” I was thinking who lies about that??? I explained to him, “Yes, he is my grandpa. My mother’s dad, to be specific.” “My mother is black and my mom is white.” The man proceeds to question me about my race. “So are you white or black?”, he asked. Still drowning in confusion, I looked at my grandpa and laughed while I answered his question. “I consider myself being both, white and black.” The man goes on… “Oh, so you can be white one day and black another?”

At this point I am just wondering, “why all the questions?” “What does it matter?” and quite frankly, “Who cares?” I could not believe how interested this man was in questioning my race!

I mentioned somehow in conversation about my husband, and the man even had something to say about my husband being black. Is it really that amazing and interesting that two people of different races marry and live happily ever after together. It’s 2013 “WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL?” Love knows no color.

The people kept conversing with my grandpa. Not once did they even tell us who they were. After they left, I asked my grandpa if he even knew the people or had at least saw them before and he knew just as much about them as we did. lol

Apparently the were interested in an abandoned house that is directly across the street from my grandpa. So, I guess my grandpa was the victim for conversation since he just so happened to be outside when they were checking the house across the street out. They probably wanted to ask some questions about previous owners and that kind of stuff. Nine times out of ten, my grandpa being the nosey person he is saw people snooping around across the street and he went outside to find out what they were doing. lol

The moral of my story/experience:  “Why does society attempt to bully mixed individuals into picking and choosing one race over another? ”  I simply can not imagine one dropping myself with either race, white or black. That would involve completely disregarding one of my parents. There’s no way I could be comfortable with myself by doing that. It really saddens me when I discuss with other biracial individuals and they one drop themselves, all based on societies perception of them. Simply because one’s skin may be darker, resulting in looking more black than white. People then identify with whatever society classifies them as. For example, our president. “The first black president?” or, “The First Biracial President?”

Wake up on this issue people and stop falling into societies black hole of ignorance!



What Do I Tell My Blond Son About Being Black?

Mixed American Life

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“I think we should teach him to use his privilege to his advantage.”

It’s Sunday morning, July 14, 2013. My husband and I are talking, have been talking, will always be talking about race in our world and how it shapes our understanding of race in our home. Melissa Harris-Perry’s show is on, and she’s wearing black, and she and her guests are subdued-yet-passionate as they do a post-postmortem on that dead black boy in Florida, on so many dead black boys, on what black parents should say to their sons and daughters about dead black boys. Our son is sitting next to me playing with his alphabet game while his father and I talk about him like he isn’t there.
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DWB: Driving While Black

Many minorities and interracial couples have experienced the issue of racial profiling from the police. Are all minorities perceived as suspicious?Image

Officer, what did we do wrong?

Citizens use to look to law enforcement for a sense of security. Have times changed? In most recent years there has been a rapid increase in racial profiling by law enforcement officials.

Being married to an African- American male and being Biracial, myself, my husband and I have had our share of experiences. Living near the Nations capital, in a predominately African-American area, all African-Americans are racially profiled.

Law Enforcement officers look for African-American males, driving with tinted windows as a target for “suspected” thugs. They racially profile African-American men, based on those two key details.

My husband and I were out riding around back in March, when we got pulled over. Back up was called. I suppose we looked suspicious, a young “black” male, “white” female, tinted windows?? We were questioned about our relationship. Once the officers were informed that we were husband and wife, they were surprised. Not once did they mention anything about my husbands tint being too dark. The only petty thing they could say that their reason for pulling us over with was for a random traffic stop and because we didn’t have tags on the front of our car. Only recently our state has been enforcing the requirement of front plates.

Was it probable cause for us to be pulled over because of race? Did the officers believe that they would of found more fault in us, other than not having front plates?

Is it that strange or unbelievable that two people can be married of the opposite race?

Racial Profiling MUST end!

Leave a message below, detailing about your similar experience…

Dire need of a cure for Writers Block



It seems like forever since I posted here on Biraciality. I know I must rebound from this writers block and

find some inspiration. I miss from blogging about my opinions and thoughts after listening to Mixed Chicks Chat and after reading racially targeted articles online. I have been extremely busy in life taking care of my family, pursing my career both, academically and through work.

I must set time out to tend to my blog and reconnect with my Mixed Community. Please leave a comment with an update of how you are doing. Continue to check back for updates.

Love & Peace,