Right to choose: What Makes up your genetic make-up?

What would you identify yourself as?

Over the years it has became more profoundly excepted to classify yourself with which ever racial identity you chose. Since we have the selection, what the heck … Let’s make a choice. I.e. “it’s like choosing a ice cream flavor to satisfy your craving and sense of emotion/mood of the moment.” Many people identify with one race to eliminate the complexity of the many stereotypes that may follow.

Our president, Barack Obama: First African-American President? Or, First Biracial President? In my opinion, First Biracial. President Obama clearly acknowledges both of his cultures. I believe that since he can identify as “black”, he has been one dropped. Everyone has the right to choose the racial identity in which they would like to be identified as, yet I am led to believe he accepted the title given to him.

What makes President Obama more black than equally Caucasian & African-American. He was raised by his Caucasian family and grew up in a white household, not relating nor, knowing much about his fathers family. How can he be identified as only African-American? How much of an impact does his skin tone contribute to his one dropping?