Biracial Hair Care for Parent’s & Children

Chemically treated hair can damage biracial hair. Speaking from experience a perm was accidently put into my hair and damaged my hair for about three year. When damage is caused from a perm you have to wait until the perm grows out which is a long transitioning process. A perm is not for fine or thin hair in my opinion. Keep in mind that chemically treated hair can cause hair damage such as split ends and can cause breakage.

Parents have gone with the approach of chemically treating their biracial child’s hair with the misconception of:  “this will make my morning easier”. Chemically treated hair does not make doing your child’s hair easier. In reality a perm requires more maintenance than wearing your hair natural.

If you approach is natural hair care I HIGHLY Recommend:  “Mixed Chicks Hair Products”.

Mixed Chicks Hair Products was created by two mixed chicks. Who better to know what biracial hair needs other than a mixed chick? I struggled for years bouncing from product to product trying to find one that works with my curly hair. I have been scammed into using Pantene,  Garnier Fructis, Tresemme, Herbal Essences and Sun silk, trying out all of their products for curly hair. None of their products left my hair healthy! They always dried my hair out, which is a big NO… NO!

Mixed Chicks has a line of products to meet every Biracial hair care need. I have been using their products for some years now consistently! My hair has grown more in the past few years than in my whole life. I use the Mixed chicks shampoo, deep conditioner, leave in conditioner and hair serum. If you want to go natural . . . go with Mixed Chicks as your hair products.

Mixed Chicks:


  1. Condition hair often concentrating on the ends.
  2. Limit shampooing to once every 7 days, simply concentrating on the scalp.
  3. ONLY comb curly hair when wet, using a wide tooth comb.
  4. Air Drying (Recommended)
  5. Use a leave in conditioner daily

BEWARE products containing:  Alcohol, Mineral Oil and Petroleum.


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