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“I feel like she’s black!” Halle Berry disputing her daughter Nahla Racial Identity

I have been scrambling around thoughts to write about on this topic since February 9th, 2011 after I first heard the news.

Halle Berry is in a bitter custody battle with her ex boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, whom is the father of her daughter, Nahla. Halle Berry has brought the heat to Gabriel Aubry and is strongly vicing her opinion to the public that she considers her daughters racial identity to be African-American (Black).

Gabriel Aubry is outtraged and gets offended when people refer to his daughter as Black, over being of Mixed Raced. I can understand that Aubry as a parent wants his daughter to identify with being of Mixed Heritage and Race.

Halle Berry told Ebony magazine “I feel like she’s black. I’m black and I’m her mother and I believe in the one-drop theory.”

The one drop theory is a controversial race classification of African-Americans that was enforced in the early 20th Century. The one drop theory determined who was black in the United States, many states enforced this rule.

I do not agree with living in the past and actually being mentally bonded to such an ignorant theory. The one drop theory is negative, there is nothing positive about it. It was created to “increase” so to say, African-American’s and the control/power Whites had over them.

I understand that it is Halle Berry’s choice, but I believe in acknowledging both races and embracing Biracial Culture.

What makes Nahla more black than white?