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Apparently it is questionable for me to look the way that I look and have a “Black” grandfather.

Yesterday, my husband and I went to visit with my grandpa.  As we were pulling up there were two black men, a black woman, and a little black girl in his driveway. The three adults were standing around talking to him, while the little girl was playing with his dogs through the fence. I began backing up into the driveway when one of the men asked if I was lost and needed directions. I am sure my face said it ALL! I told the man that I was in the right place and here to see my grandpa. The man reported to my grandpa that I was there to see him, as if he needed to report that to someone. My husband and I were so confused. Here you have four complete strangers making us feel like visitors at our second home. We parked and finally got out of the car and routinely I go hug and kiss my grandpa and these PEOPLE are still looking shocked. For a second I thought maybe my grandpa knew these people. lol

My grandpa announced how happy he was to have his granddaughter come and visit him. One man spoke up and said “Is he really your grandpa?” … “Ummmm, yeah!” I was thinking who lies about that??? I explained to him, “Yes, he is my grandpa. My mother’s dad, to be specific.” “My mother is black and my mom is white.” The man proceeds to question me about my race. “So are you white or black?”, he asked. Still drowning in confusion, I looked at my grandpa and laughed while I answered his question. “I consider myself being both, white and black.” The man goes on… “Oh, so you can be white one day and black another?”

At this point I am just wondering, “why all the questions?” “What does it matter?” and quite frankly, “Who cares?” I could not believe how interested this man was in questioning my race!

I mentioned somehow in conversation about my husband, and the man even had something to say about my husband being black. Is it really that amazing and interesting that two people of different races marry and live happily ever after together. It’s 2013 “WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL?” Love knows no color.

The people kept conversing with my grandpa. Not once did they even tell us who they were. After they left, I asked my grandpa if he even knew the people or had at least saw them before and he knew just as much about them as we did. lol

Apparently the were interested in an abandoned house that is directly across the street from my grandpa. So, I guess my grandpa was the victim for conversation since he just so happened to be outside when they were checking the house across the street out. They probably wanted to ask some questions about previous owners and that kind of stuff. Nine times out of ten, my grandpa being the nosey person he is saw people snooping around across the street and he went outside to find out what they were doing. lol

The moral of my story/experience:  “Why does society attempt to bully mixed individuals into picking and choosing one race over another? ”  I simply can not imagine one dropping myself with either race, white or black. That would involve completely disregarding one of my parents. There’s no way I could be comfortable with myself by doing that. It really saddens me when I discuss with other biracial individuals and they one drop themselves, all based on societies perception of them. Simply because one’s skin may be darker, resulting in looking more black than white. People then identify with whatever society classifies them as. For example, our president. “The first black president?” or, “The First Biracial President?”

Wake up on this issue people and stop falling into societies black hole of ignorance!




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Racial identity in my opinion is classified by how you look, feel and where you fit in. Is it right to acknowledge one race over another just because of their appearance? Is it acceptable for society to label you and classify your race based on the color of your skin? It is discrimination in societies form.

Your identity is important and you should not be pressured by society to pick and choose how you want to be identified.


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The common misconception; that society emphasizes. 

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Can you identify another Biracial Individual, faster than others?

I have always felt like I can pick out another Biracial individual out of a massive crowd, and distinguish their racial background. From my experience the majority of people that are primarily of one race and not Biracial, can never correctly identify someone; so to speak.

My personal experience has been: The majority of African-Americans assume that I am too fair skinned to be Black, and Caucasions assume that I am too ethnic looking to be White. The majority of non-Biracial individuals do not know what to label me as, and they seem very unsure of my racial identity.

Yet on the other hand, I can just look at someone of Mixed Race and immediately know what they are mixed with.  I actually believe that it is a gift to us Biracial individuals, or am I just one of a few that can easily depict this?Maybe it is easy for Biracial individuals to spot out others like us because we are so open to diversity.

Please leave a comment with your opinion. I am extremely interested in knowing what you think.

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