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1016512_623542400992393_757498959_nTaking race into consideration in all accounts, because it is impossible not to take it into consideration. If the variables changed, would the outcome of this controversial case had been different? Would justice had been served? 


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Black History is America’s History. –


As a student I have observed over the years that; Black History is not covered in U.S. History like it should be. Clearly the triumphs that African-Americans went through in America is extremely signifigant to America’s History, yet it is not covered in our U.S. History textbooks.

At my school in order to even cover Black History, you have to sign up for a separate class; African-American Studies. There is no reason why the two significant pieces of History is separated in the majority of text books. There is no such topic of ‘simply’ Black History (so to speak).

Do you believe Black History should be separated from U.S. History?

Leave your opinion as a comment below, please. (:

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Loving Day is celebrated on June 12th each year in celebration of the breakdown of all anti-miscegenation laws, that prevented whites and non-whites to marry.

Loving Day is named in honor of Richard & Mildred Loving of Caroline County, Virginia and of the Supreme Court Case, Loving v. Virginia.

Please spread the word and join the festivities each year. The website link is in the side bar, under ‘Notable Websites’.

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