Color of Love & Friendship


What image comes to mind when you think of Multiracial individuals?

What features come to mind? What complexions of a person come to mind? Do you imagine a dark skin or lighter skin individual? 

Multiracial and especially Multicultural individuals have no distinguished features. The possibilities are far to broad to categorize. No one mixed man or woman is the same. We come in all shades; a major variety.

However, we all have different images that come to mind when we think about what a Multiracial person looks like; it’s stereotypical. Not every Multiracial/Multicultural individual has light skin and blue or green eyes.  That is one of the major stereotypes casted on what a mixed race person looks like. It is impossible to imagine a common image of a Multiracial person.

We are human, all humans are carefully created uniquely different.