Blog Transition

IMG_3558It has been nearly 6 years since I last posted to this blog. I am feeling so nostalgic right now as I type away. I was literally updated my computer and something urged me to log in and honestly I thought I deleted this blog years ago. It really took me back to read over my blogs from the first to the last. It speaks a lot about each experience I have had over the years both good and bad.

Well, fast forward 6 years and I am still happily married to my childhood sweetheart. We have had two beautiful daughters and have had multiple family pet additions to our house. It is well over due to revive this blog. I have a new vision for this blog as 2018 comes to a close.

I will continue to blog about controversial topics but will not merely focus on that. The purpose of this blog is to share with you my life in black & white beyond color; beyond race. I will be sharing my opinion on current events/issues, along with my travel stories and fitness journey.

I am always open to topic suggestions my email is always open.

Thank you all for continuing this blogging journey with me.

Dire need of a cure for Writers Block



It seems like forever since I posted here on Biraciality. I know I must rebound from this writers block and

find some inspiration. I miss from blogging about my opinions and thoughts after listening to Mixed Chicks Chat and after reading racially targeted articles online. I have been extremely busy in life taking care of my family, pursing my career both, academically and through work.

I must set time out to tend to my blog and reconnect with my Mixed Community. Please leave a comment with an update of how you are doing. Continue to check back for updates.

Love & Peace,


What encouraged me to start blogging?

Growing up I always felt like no one understood me or could to relate to me. I had one friend that I met that was also biracial but I felt that it was still something that separated us. In my opinion she identifies more with her black side, unlike me who feels like I am equally both black and white. It was hard not having someone who could share the same experiences with you. During the time I began blogging there weren’t many sites for biracials to share and speak out on their experience.

I reached an epiphany when I discovered Tiffany Jones youtube channel and wordpress blog, Mulatto Diaries. For once I found a stranger who shared the same experience and had some of the same feelings toward racial issues as me. Watching her videos made me feel like she was a friend to me. Someone who spoke up and spoke out to those biracial individuals with no voice. At the time and even now the resources available for biracials are limited. The biracial community is small. I encourage others to create a blog of sort to speak out to others. I remember feeling lonely as if no one shared the same Biracial experiences with me until finding Tiffany Jones vlogs & blog. The small and limited biracial community encouraged me to write because I wanted to leave footprints on the internet for young biracials that may feel lost and alone. I write down my opinions and personal experience so the lost ones can feel found.

Through personal growth I have come to realize that despite culture and races separating us we are more alike than ever. As different as we all may feel, we are alike. We are human. We eat, sleep, cry, smile and breathe all the same.

Until next time . . .

Our Human Race [Copyright ©2011]

Our Human Race

I want to live where it is diverse,

seeing my features in the crowd.

I want to live where it is beauty,

in every face and smile.

I want to live in the moment,

when nobody will care,

if your skin is a warm brown or chillingly fair.

I want to live in a world,

that understands everyones pain.

In a world where one’s struggle is all the same.

I want to live in a world,

where one’s race doesn’t matter.

In a world,

where serenity is all that we are chasing after.

This world now,

may be cruel and callous.

Yet, change is near

and that is all I am running after.

-Erica J. Garbers


Copyright ©2011

Re: Weekly Writing Prompts


Beginning Monday morning I will be posting this upcoming week’s; “weeklywriting prompt”. Therefore my readers will have the chance to comment on the prompt over a weeks time period. I am sure you all have busy schedules and this will allow you time to check in on the prompt and contemplate your response.

During that week continue to stay tuned for my response! There will be a new writing prompt posted each week to come. I am truly excited to engage my readers in a weekly thinking and writing exercise, because we all have once became victims of writer’s block.

Any suggestions, feel free to comment below.


“You are the last surviving member of the human race. What do you do?”

  • Freak out!!!
  • I would find Fido. A dog is a man’s best friend; a dog is a woman’s only friend.
  • Freak out, some more!
  • I would investigate and search to see whether I am really the last surviving member of the human race.
  • If I am truly the only surviver, I would begin to search for food and water supply.
  • Taking a breather of course falls somewhere on this list. (Possibly, should have been my first bullet.)
  • I’m highly doubtful that I would deserve the magnificent opportunity of being the last surviving member of the human race; since i would completely drive myself insane.
  • Self-Destruction . . .

In reality, I could not even begin to imagine being the one and only surviving member of the human race.

Please comment with your response! (:

Writers Block [Update] :: Writing Prompt Venture

I truly apologize for the unexpected break I have taken from blogging. Lately I have had writers block and I really want to post quality blog posts. Please bare with me.

This past week in my hometown the weather has been pretty messy. There has been countless thunder storms and very little peek moments of sunshine. This is weather that will un-inspire you.

I plan on getting around to making an updated YouTube video relating to Biracial individuals and Interracial couples; spreading the pride. My first and only video was a video of celebrity Interracial couples. Please check it out and leave a comment and thumbs up, if you haven’t already have checked it out:

Also, it would be appreciated if you left a comment below or either on my YouTube channel with suggestions for future videos. Ideas are much needed!

By the way, this week I plan on starting something fresh and interactive here on the Blog. There will be writing prompts posted, in which I will respond from my p.o.v and I encourage you to comment with your p.o.v of the scenerio.

I challenge you!

The first writing prompt will be posted tomorrow evening. I hope you are looking forward to embark on this writing exercise and adventure.