Blog Transition

IMG_3558It has been nearly 6 years since I last posted to this blog. I am feeling so nostalgic right now as I type away. I was literally updated my computer and something urged me to log in and honestly I thought I deleted this blog years ago. It really took me back to read over my blogs from the first to the last. It speaks a lot about each experience I have had over the years both good and bad.

Well, fast forward 6 years and I am still happily married to my childhood sweetheart. We have had two beautiful daughters and have had multiple family pet additions to our house. It is well over due to revive this blog. I have a new vision for this blog as 2018 comes to a close.

I will continue to blog about controversial topics but will not merely focus on that. The purpose of this blog is to share with you my life in black & white beyond color; beyond race. I will be sharing my opinion on current events/issues, along with my travel stories and fitness journey.

I am always open to topic suggestions my email is always open.

Thank you all for continuing this blogging journey with me.

What if?

1016512_623542400992393_757498959_nTaking race into consideration in all accounts, because it is impossible not to take it into consideration. If the variables changed, would the outcome of this controversial case had been different? Would justice had been served? 

Dire need of a cure for Writers Block



It seems like forever since I posted here on Biraciality. I know I must rebound from this writers block and

find some inspiration. I miss from blogging about my opinions and thoughts after listening to Mixed Chicks Chat and after reading racially targeted articles online. I have been extremely busy in life taking care of my family, pursing my career both, academically and through work.

I must set time out to tend to my blog and reconnect with my Mixed Community. Please leave a comment with an update of how you are doing. Continue to check back for updates.

Love & Peace,


The Good, The Bad, and The Nappy Hair

ImageThroughout my entire life, in my African-American family, there has been an obsession over good hair. If you had “good” hair you were accepted. Any signs of “naps” resulted in negativity and a sense of no acceptance. It’s all about who is the lightest and who has the most non-kinkiest hair. If you can run your fingers through your hair, no problem. Even if you can just simply wash your hair and go, no perm or relaxer, you were accepted.

It’s sad to say that there is racism within the African-American community. Not even my fathers Caucasian side of the family is racist or non accepting, as oppose to my African-American side. Society has molded and idolized what beauty is through television and advertisement. Whether it’s the fair skin, blue eyes, and healthy hair “non-nappy”.

What is good hair, bad hair, and nappy hair?

-Good hair is healthy hair. Your hair doesn’t have to be straight to be good hair. As long as your hair is healthy, it is good hair! Your can have the most beautiful, well defined curls, kinks and all and your hair would be good and healthy. The healthiness of your hair is what is most important!

-Bad hair is untreated, and unhealthy hair. Whether you don’t shampoo or condition your hair, which causes damage from hair breakage. This can result in hair lost. It is imperative to take care of your hair and care for it.

-Nappy hair is unmanageable hair, but there is no reason why nappy hair is considered bad hair. If it is healthy then it is good hair.

Love what God has blesses you with. Embrace both, your inner and outer beauty. You are one of a kind. Let no one but “yourself” define your beauty and worth.



A day in the life of the “Birthday Girl” . . .

I had a wonderful birthday today. I shared my special day and celebrated with family. It was very warm and loving having my family around all day. It is little moments that are shared with your family that mean the most!

To start my day off my two aunts, grandpa and I met mother after she got off work. Together we all went out to an early dinner at Olive Garden. Dinner was wonderful and delicious! Olive Garden’s Fettuccine Alfredo is to die for!

After dinner my mother insisted on getting me a birthday cake. (her favorite) There was no way that she was going to let a birthday pass without traditionally getting a birthday cake. My personal favorite is Carvel’s Ice cream birthday cakes. Yummy . . . (:

The rest of the day consisted of spending time with family. One of life’s greatest opportunities.

Overall, I had a wonderful birthday. I learned to be thankful. Sometimes I don’t give thanks when it is needed. That is something that I am working on for this new year “2012”.

Until next time . . .


What encouraged me to start blogging?

Growing up I always felt like no one understood me or could to relate to me. I had one friend that I met that was also biracial but I felt that it was still something that separated us. In my opinion she identifies more with her black side, unlike me who feels like I am equally both black and white. It was hard not having someone who could share the same experiences with you. During the time I began blogging there weren’t many sites for biracials to share and speak out on their experience.

I reached an epiphany when I discovered Tiffany Jones youtube channel and wordpress blog, Mulatto Diaries. For once I found a stranger who shared the same experience and had some of the same feelings toward racial issues as me. Watching her videos made me feel like she was a friend to me. Someone who spoke up and spoke out to those biracial individuals with no voice. At the time and even now the resources available for biracials are limited. The biracial community is small. I encourage others to create a blog of sort to speak out to others. I remember feeling lonely as if no one shared the same Biracial experiences with me until finding Tiffany Jones vlogs & blog. The small and limited biracial community encouraged me to write because I wanted to leave footprints on the internet for young biracials that may feel lost and alone. I write down my opinions and personal experience so the lost ones can feel found.

Through personal growth I have come to realize that despite culture and races separating us we are more alike than ever. As different as we all may feel, we are alike. We are human. We eat, sleep, cry, smile and breathe all the same.

Until next time . . .

Biracial Hair Care for Parent’s & Children

Chemically treated hair can damage biracial hair. Speaking from experience a perm was accidently put into my hair and damaged my hair for about three year. When damage is caused from a perm you have to wait until the perm grows out which is a long transitioning process. A perm is not for fine or thin hair in my opinion. Keep in mind that chemically treated hair can cause hair damage such as split ends and can cause breakage.

Parents have gone with the approach of chemically treating their biracial child’s hair with the misconception of:  “this will make my morning easier”. Chemically treated hair does not make doing your child’s hair easier. In reality a perm requires more maintenance than wearing your hair natural.

If you approach is natural hair care I HIGHLY Recommend:  “Mixed Chicks Hair Products”.

Mixed Chicks Hair Products was created by two mixed chicks. Who better to know what biracial hair needs other than a mixed chick? I struggled for years bouncing from product to product trying to find one that works with my curly hair. I have been scammed into using Pantene,  Garnier Fructis, Tresemme, Herbal Essences and Sun silk, trying out all of their products for curly hair. None of their products left my hair healthy! They always dried my hair out, which is a big NO… NO!

Mixed Chicks has a line of products to meet every Biracial hair care need. I have been using their products for some years now consistently! My hair has grown more in the past few years than in my whole life. I use the Mixed chicks shampoo, deep conditioner, leave in conditioner and hair serum. If you want to go natural . . . go with Mixed Chicks as your hair products.

Mixed Chicks:


  1. Condition hair often concentrating on the ends.
  2. Limit shampooing to once every 7 days, simply concentrating on the scalp.
  3. ONLY comb curly hair when wet, using a wide tooth comb.
  4. Air Drying (Recommended)
  5. Use a leave in conditioner daily

BEWARE products containing:  Alcohol, Mineral Oil and Petroleum.


Blogging Family,

Here is an update:  I didn’t get my flu shot this year so obviously with my luck I did catch the flu. It was the worst couple of weeks of my life! =/ On top of that afterwards I caught a little common cold. I am feeling better now. I can guarantee that I will make it a priority to get my flu shot each year!

I hope you all have been doing well. I have been a bit discouraged since Biracial Tiffany doesn’t make videos or update her blog Mulatto Diaries anymore. It’s a bit depressing. I really enjoy reading others blogs about the Biracial and mixed experience. If you know of any blogs for me to check out, feel free to comment below with a link.


Hopefully with this new year approaching I will get the courage to start making videos for my youtube channel. Otherwise my new year resolution is to set some time out for myself so i can tend to my blog. (: I am sure my readers would like that.

What is your new year resolution?

Any Ideas?

Writer’s Block.

I hope all has been well with my Biracial and Cultural Family. Long time no blog. =/ To say the least, I am back. =)

There has been so many controversial issues that have been lingering in my head for a few weeks now. What better way to vent, than to blog?

I began blogging as a therapeutic venture. The online Biracial Community is who inspired me. Such as Heidi Durrow and Fanshen Cox of Mixed Chicks Chat. Also, Tiffany Jones of Mulatto Diaries. It was like heaven opened up when I found the Biracial Community online. For once in life, I felt connected. I have never been able to relate to anyone, until i found this lovely community. It was then when i realized that I am not the only Biracial girl that has been through some adverse mixed chick experiences.

I appreciate everyone for your constant support.

Thank You.

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