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Many minorities and interracial couples have experienced the issue of racial profiling from the police. Are all minorities perceived as suspicious?Image

Officer, what did we do wrong?

Citizens use to look to law enforcement for a sense of security. Have times changed? In most recent years there has been a rapid increase in racial profiling by law enforcement officials.

Being married to an African- American male and being Biracial, myself, my husband and I have had our share of experiences. Living near the Nations capital, in a predominately African-American area, all African-Americans are racially profiled.

Law Enforcement officers look for African-American males, driving with tinted windows as a target for “suspected” thugs. They racially profile African-American men, based on those two key details.

My husband and I were out riding around back in March, when we got pulled over. Back up was called. I suppose we looked suspicious, a young “black” male, “white” female, tinted windows?? We were questioned about our relationship. Once the officers were informed that we were husband and wife, they were surprised. Not once did they mention anything about my husbands tint being too dark. The only petty thing they could say that their reason for pulling us over with was for a random traffic stop and because we didn’t have tags on the front of our car. Only recently our state has been enforcing the requirement of front plates.

Was it probable cause for us to be pulled over because of race? Did the officers believe that they would of found more fault in us, other than not having front plates?

Is it that strange or unbelievable that two people can be married of the opposite race?

Racial Profiling MUST end!

Leave a message below, detailing about your similar experience…

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Congratulation goes out to Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey-Cannon on their lovely family!

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Theory:  One day there will be no “Race”, except the “Human Race”.

I believe that there will be no race, except the “Human Race” one day. Can you see this happening? Our society is diverse and this is the beauty that we seldom appraise in our cultures.

We as brothers and sisters would feel more connected and united if we felt the connect towards each other. Ethnicity and cultures are what has kept us apart since the beginning of time.

Prejudice and malicious behavior towards individuals of other ethnicities evolved because of our DIFFERENCES.

. . .Skin Complexion, Eye Color, Hair Texture, Accents.

These traits keep us in a box, a small box. What is going to happen when we all are people “of color”? So to speak we ALL are of color. I have yet to meet a “White” person. Complexions vary in all races.

Let’ embrace each other with open arms! We are all family. We are all Humans. We belong to one race, and one race only.

We are the Human Race.

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Internet dating is fertile territory for people who study social patterns. Belinda Robnett and Cynthia Feliciano studied racial exclusion patterns in the Journal Social Forces. They looked at over 6000 internet dating profiles and found that whites are least open to dating outside their group, with Asians and Latinos close behind. Asian males and black females are more highly excluded than their opposite sex counterparts.


Please leave your comment below on your opinion. Are Whites, Asians, and Latinos least open to dating outside their group? Is there a cultural indifference that has enforced this statistic or is this a racial stereotype in your opinion?

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