3 thoughts on “Anti-Miscegenation Laws Overturned

    • Biraciality says:

      No, it’s completely irrelevant.

      Instead of focusing on who is of which race, the Government should look beyond that at more important factors.

      My personal opinion is that the Government’s concern is keeping ‘tabs’ on the population of the races. Of course, it is stated that the information is used for special funding for certain programs and advantages. I completely support the proposal; yet, i do not believe that, that is the only reason why we are asked to specify our race.

      • getgln says:

        Amen my sister. The U.S. (and Germany) has a history of using race data against their population. In the U.S. during WWII rounding up Japanese to put them in internment camps. At other times the U.S. has dabbled in eugenics.

        If I started my own country I would not ask people’s “race”-ethnicity, just the way it has been illegal in France for the government to ask about race since 1798.

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